Comparison Chart

Here's an easy way to see how OpenLifter compares to other software.

We developed the following comparison chart in consultation with the author of LiftingCast and believe that it is accurate.

OpenLifter LiftingCast NextLifter IronComp
Homepage None
License Free (AGPLv3+) Proprietary Freeware Proprietary
Cost Free Free (Premium $0.75/Lifter) Excel License ($70/year) Free
Runs On Any Browser Chrome Only Microsoft Excel Windows and macOS
Languages Many English Only English Only English Only
Works Offline Yes Yes Yes Yes
Screens Needed 1 per Platform 2+ per Platform 1 per Platform 1 per Platform
Federations All Feds All Feds All Feds IPL Only
Online Scoreboard No Yes (with Premium) No No
Multi-Platform Yes (USB stick) Yes (with Premium) No Yes (USB stick)
Autosave Yes Yes No No
Training Needed Minimal Moderate Moderate (Issues) Significant
Registration Automatic (CSV) Automatic (with Premium) Manual Automatic (CSV)

About OpenLifter

The OpenLifter project was started in November 2018 by the OpenPowerlifting team in order to advance the state of the art in competition software.

OpenLifter is designed to...

  1. be the world's first free and open-source meet software;
  2. have a simple, obvious interface and not require much training;
  3. be completely crash-proof by using a single global state;
  4. work with one projector and one cheap computer running any OS;
  5. make the projected display audience-readable.

We have extensive experience helping run powerlifting meets, from spotting and loading to judging to running score tables. We put our feature wish-list into OpenLifter.