Run OpenLifter 1.4
In Development

Major Changes Coming in the Next Version

  • Spreadsheet export now reports Bare and Sleeves instead of Raw. (#289). Reported by Joel Hendershott.
  • Spreadsheet export now includes Lot numbers if used. Reported by Jo Whiteley.
  • Fixed a bug where certain lifters may be excluded from Masters rankings. Reported by Maureen Clary.
  • Fixed a bug where certain lifters may be excluded from Juniors rankings. Coded by James Wakefield.
  • Rack heights can be assigned during registration. Coded by Jared Klopper.
  • The Flight page now shows each lifter's divisions. Coded by Jared Klopper.
  • Empty lines are now allowed in imported registration CSV files. (#303). Coded by César Pedraza.
  • Reshel points are now available using coefficient tables. Coded by Johan Frisk.
  • Added Auto-Fill Rules for 365Strong.
    Run OpenLifter 1.3
    January 7, 2021

    Major Changes in Version 1.3

    • Added an option to combine Single-ply and Multi-ply. Coded by Matt Pearce.
    • Divisions spanning multiple flights now appear correctly. Coded by Jared Klopper.
    • Fixed a bug when deleting the current lifter. Reported by Jessica Kratz.
    • Updated IPF rules for the new Women's 69 and 76 classes.
    • Added a translation into Estonian by Jaak Ruusmaa.
    • Added Auto-Fill Rules for RPS, USPC, and WP.
    Run OpenLifter 1.2
    September 14, 2020

    Major Changes in Version 1.2

    • Added a button to automatically assign lot numbers (#267). Coded by Jared Klopper.
    • Lifters with no assigned division now appear in by-division results (#268). Reported by Steven Williams.
    • Lifters can be marked as guests (#182). Coded by Jared Klopper.
    • Exported OpenPowerlifting spreadsheets now report points.
    • Added a translation into Ukrainian by Vitaliy Shvarz.
    • Added a translation into Greek by Andreas Kolettis and Litos Dimitrios.
    • Added support for Wilks 2020 and IPF GL Points.
    • Added an "Unlimited" equipment category.
    Run OpenLifter 1.1
    December 2, 2019

    Major Changes in Version 1.1

    • Added translations for Chinese (Simplified), Croatian, Dutch, French, German, Esperanto, Italian, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.
    • The current attempt is much more visually apparent.
    • The current lifter's Instagram can be displayed for the audience.
    • Meets run in pounds now export results in pounds.
    • Age can be set on the Registrations page and imported by CSV.
    • Registrations can be exported to CSV.
    Run OpenLifter 1.0.1
    August 5, 2019

    Major Changes in Version 1.0.1

    • Fixed a display issue with the Lifting table when the Best Lifter formula is set to "Total" (#181). Reported by Matt Pearce.
    Run OpenLifter 1.0
    July 31, 2019

    Major Changes in Version 1.0

    • Initial public release.